My favourite season of the year is summer. I have always hated winter because of its low temperatures, snow and long, cold evenings. In winter I always miss sunshine and I feel depressed. Autumn also is depressing and usually cool. Spring is a much nicer season as the temperature rises then, the sun begins to shine stronger and flowers come into blossom. Spring makes me more positive about life, however, it is summer that I like the most.Summer is the time of relaxation and carefreeness as I do not have to go to school. I can enjoy sunshine and spend long hours sunbathing or swimming in a lake. Besides, I have more free time so I can meet my friends more often. As summer evenings are warm, we can have barbecues until late in the night. We also can take some packed lunch with us and go on a picknick somewhere in the countryside. In summer I can wear more comfortable clothes like dresses or shorts and T-shirts. Moreover, summer is also a season of fruit. I can indulge in eating fresh strawberries, wild strawberries and raspberries in June and apples or red and black currants in August. There are aslo fresh vegetables in summer so my diet becomes much healthier then. The best thing about summer is that there is a lot of sunshine then. Sunlight has good influence on our mood; it makes us feel happier and more optimistic.