To be a teenager is not so easy as seems.Sometimes it happens that people of the elder generation don't like the music they listen to.Teenagers often think that their parents' or grandparents' music is out of fashion and sounds a little bit strange.And sometimes it is not easy to get on with them, but they love you very much anyway. They often don't like how their children dress. And sometimes teenagers have the last say in what they are going to wear, which is always jeans and a tee-shirt. And they are not relaxed if they are wearing smart trousers or skirt. In fact, each teenager wants to come into the spotlight. May be a loose jacket and a hat put them in the right mood for the day.There are some other problems. But it doesn't matter. I think you must be patient and understanding towards the family and I 'm sure you can resolve your problems.Your parents love you and want to help.