My name is Vlad. I’m fifteen years old. I’m in the ninth grade. I study at school number 1 . My school is a two-storeyed building. Pupils of primary school study on the ground floor. There is a small gym in our school. Our physical training lessons and different sport competitions are held there. We celebrate holidays in assembly hall. All classrooms of our school are light and spacious. There are physics and chemistry labs where we can make experiments. There are new computers in the computer sciences room. Teachers who work in our school are very good.

Each of them teaches well and their lessons are quite interesting. Our form-mistress’ name is Irina Petrovna She is a teacher of Russian and literature. Thank to her our class is united and exemplary. I and all my classmates often go to the cinema,library, theatre, museums and exhibitions. During summer holidays I miss my school and my classmates. I like my school very much !